Electrify Your Home by Getting an EV Charger Installed

Electric vehicles are becoming more commonplace with each passing year. After all, with the gas price these days, who could blame someone for switching to an EV?

Once you have an electric vehicle or have decided to purchase one, you need to figure out how you will keep it charged. Here’s a primer on the types of EV chargers and what you need to get an EV charger installed at your Eastern Ontario home.

Atel Electric has been the Kemptville and Eastern Ontario area’s charging experts for years. Our skilled electricians have installed EV chargers in numerous homes throughout the area, including our own. When you’re ready to have an EV charger installation performed at your home or workplace,

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First, there are currently three types of EV chargers available:

  1. A “level 1 charger”, sometimes called a “trickle charger,” is a basic charger that runs off a regular household 110-volt outlet. This type of charger usually comes standard with most electric vehicles and is the slowest possible way to charge your electric car.
  2. A “level 2 charger” is the most popular EV charger that people have installed at home. Significantly more powerful than a level 1 charger, a level 2 charger makes driving an electric vehicle much more convenient. A level 2 charger can recharge your daily commute in an hour or two to take your EV from zero juice to fully charged overnight.
  3. A “level 3 charger” is the type of EV charger found commercially, like those Tesla chargers in hotel parking lots, shopping malls and other public locations. While level 3 chargers offer the quickest charge you can find, they are prohibitively expensive, require powerful and specialized equipment to operate and are not available for residential installations.

In short, a level 2 EV charger installation is what you’re looking for at home. Here are a few questions about electric vehicle charger installation that we are often asked:

How Much Does It Cost to Have an EV Charging Station Installed?

Like anything else, the cost of having an EV charging station installed varies from person to person. EV chargers themselves range anywhere from $400 to $4,000, depending on the brand, model and features. The installation cost varies and can be impacted by factors like where you want the charger located, the age of your home and your home’s existing wiring. Atel Electric also offers easy financing to have your EV charger installed.

Who Installs EV Charging Stations? Can You Install an EV Charger Yourself?

To comply with the Ontario Electrical Safety Code, a licensed electrician must install an EV charging station. You should also make sure that the electrician you choose has plenty of experience with EV charger installations. For example, Atel Electric has been installing EV charging stations throughout Eastern Ontario for several years now, and we even have them in our own homes. Atel Electric’s licensed electricians also offer a seamless end-to-end experience, even teaching you how to use your new level 2 charger once it has been professionally installed.

The Benefits of Having an EV Charger Installed at Home

  • Charging is more convenient than public EV charging stations
  • Home electricity rates are much lower than using commercial chargers
  • A level 2 charger will charge your vehicle faster than a level 1 charger
  • An EV charger is an attractive feature and is sure to add to your home’s value


Are you ready to have an EV charger installed at your home? Atel Electric’s team of knowledgeable and experienced licensed electricians is ready when you are and can help you make the best EV charging decision for your needs. Call Atel Electric today to get started!