If you live in an older home, you may not know when the electrical panel was last upgraded. In general, your insurance company is happy as long as it’s not knob & tube or 60-amp service. However, basic 100-amp service may no longer be enough for your home.

Today’s families use much more electricity than ever before. Technology is growing every day, as is our dependence on it. Each new device we bring into our home adds to the load on our home’s electrical systems, often requiring an electrical panel upgrade.

How Home Electrical Panels Have Changed

Before 1950, a 30-amp fuse box was the norm in most homes.

In the 1950s & 60s, a 60-amp electrical panel was preferred. After the mid-1960s, homes were equipped with circuit breaker panels, which have remained the standard until recently. Most homes have 100-amp service with a 24-circuit distribution panel, which is the minimum recommended and insisted on by insurance companies.

According to insurance providers, 60-amp service runs the risk of overheating and overuse, which could cause an electrical fire. As our dependence on technology increases, 100-amp service could become just as dangerous before long.

While 100-amp service has served us well, it is no longer enough to keep up with modern lifestyles. Many homeowners are upgrading their electrical panels to 200 amps to accommodate their current needs and those moving forward. Not only will a 200 amp service take your home far into the future, these panels usually have more space for adding additional breakers. This built-in flexibility means you can easily accommodate new electrical appliances in the future.

As the world shifts to cleaner energy, our lifestyles will require greater access to electricity in larger quantities. Are you considering an electric car? You can settle for trickle charging off a regular household outlet, but an EV car charger is much more convenient. However, you’ll probably need to upgrade your home’s electrical panel before installing one.

Many homes these days are switching from gas furnaces to cold-climate heat pumps. These technological wonders are great for the environment and utility bills, but they also require an electrical panel upgrade. Whether it’s today or somewhere in the not-too-distant future, you’ll be upgrading your home’s electrical panel, either for safety or additional capacity.

Do I Need a 200-Amp Service?

Many modern homes are running at nearly maximum capacity with 100-amp service. By upgrading to a 100-amp system, you can ensure your current and future power needs are met. With an electrical panel upgrade, you can install that EV charger, heat pump, or any other technology without worrying about overloading the system.

The standard for new homes and older homes with updated wiring is 200-amps. A 200-amp service panel also allows for more circuits to be connected at a price comparable to a 100-amp service. If you are planning a home renovation that requires extensive electrical work, opting for a 200-amp service is a smart idea. Even if you are not planning a renovation, upgrading your electrical panel will help futureproof your home, laying the groundwork for future upgrades and appliances.

ATEL Electric Offers Service Upgrades!

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