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Providing Indoor Electrical Services Throughout Eastern Ontario

ATEL Electric offers a full range of residential electrical services for your Eastern Ontario home. When you need indoor electrical services, give us a call!

Some of the Indoor Electrical Services we offer are:

Lighting Design. ATEL Electric can light up your entire home, designing interior lighting that is both beautiful and practical. Whether it’s making your kitchen a safer and easier place to work or you want to modernize your interior lighting with pot lights, ATEL Electric can light your home beautifully.

Basement Refinishing. Your newly finished basement could potentially double the square footage of your living space. We can walk you through the needed amperage for the number of lights and outlets you require, then install the additional breakers you need and ensure that everything is done safely. Give us a call during the design phase to discuss your options when it comes to switches, fixtures and outlets so that the wiring is both inconspicuous and well-positioned.

Renovations. We can work together with your contractor during the project layout and planning stage to make sure all the electrical aspects of your renovation go smoothly. Later, we can handle the installation to make sure it all comes together perfectly.

Surge Protection. The abundance of power-dependent technology in our homes is causing electrical problems for many homeowners. Due to having multiple devices plugged in at the same time, around the clock, you may be at risk of a power surge.  Whole-house surge protection is a smart way to avoid disruptions to your daily routines and protect your property, including expensive devices. Give us a call to learn more about how this relatively easy fix can keep things running smoothly.

Grounding Older Outlets. Older homes often have two-pronged outlets that should be replaced with grounded ones. Not limited to older homes, some newer houses may likewise have an outlet that was not grounded properly, or the ground wire may have become loose or disconnected. ATEL Electric can bring these receptacles up to modern standards, improving the safety of your home.

Electrical Maintenance. Unsure of where your electrical systems stand? Give us a call! We’ll inspect your home’s electrical systems to identify potential hazards and make sure everything is up to current code and safe.

Hard-Wired Smoke Alarms. Never worry about dead batteries or deal with annoying chirps again. We can install hard-wired smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors so you can sleep soundly.

Upgraded Wiring. As you accumulate appliances and electronics and increase your power needs, is your home up to the task of powering them all? We can make sure your home’s electrical system can safely handle everything you want to plug in. We will also hardwire large consumption items like baseboard heaters and dishwashers on their own circuits to ensure reliability, install dedicated outlets and install additional or secondary electrical panels.

Rental Suites. Converting an area of your home into a rental unit? Putting that space on a dedicated hydro meter will solve a lot of problems. We can help you with the separate wiring for your rental suite, helping you avoid several hassles and cover one of the steps necessary for creating a legal rental unit.

Trust ATEL Electric for all your electrical work!

For two generations we’ve been providing the best in electrical services including electrical maintenance and repairs to our friends and neighbours throughout Eastern Ontario. Whether you live in Kemptville, Morrisburg, Williamsburg, Embrun, Brockville, Greely, Winchester, Cornwall, Manotick, Russell, Osgoode or Metcalfe, Ontario; when you need electrical repairs at your Eastern Ontario home or business, you’re in good hands with ATEL Electric.

When you need indoor electrical services, ATEL Electric should be your first call.