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The abundance of power-dependent technology in our homes is causing electrical problems for many people. Up to 80 percent of power surges within the home are caused by our own selves, due to having multiple devices plugged in at the same time, around the clock. As a result, many homeowners are finding whole-house surge protection a necessity to avoid disruptions to their daily routines and protect their property.

As they cycle on and off (think air conditioning and refrigerators) power consumption surges. Power surges can also be caused by lightning, or when the utility company switches between power grids. Even downed power lines caused by bad weather, animals or falling tree branches can initiate a surge.  When lightning strikes, power surges can enter the home via incoming telephone lines, cable TV or satellite dish or through the incoming electrical power line. As our homes collect more and more electrical devices and appliances, the risk of a power surge grows, and more devices can be affected. Aging infrastructure, severe weather, and the growing dependence on technology are increasing the risk and the consequences of power surges at a rising rate.

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Protecting your home’s entire electrical system and anything connected to it from power surges, a surge protection device (SPD) blocks the surge at the electrical panel. This includes mini surges caused by devices within the home. These mini surges can damage the circuit boards found in appliances and electronics over time. Limiting the consumption of electricity in your home, surge protection prevents your electrical devices from malfunctioning due to sudden surges in electricity. Whole-home surge protection systems guard your entire electrical system, along with the expensive appliances and devices that are connected to it. Not limited to surges caused by utility issues and lightning strikes, surge protection systems also protect against the frequent small surges caused by things like your air conditioner, freezer and other appliances that turn on and off automatically. These small surges can exact a toll on your electronics, degrading their circuitry and shortening their lifespan.

You can avoid the damage or destruction of your expensive electronics by having a licensed electrician like ATEL Electric install a whole-house surge protector. While some people use portable surge protection strips within their home, these are not dependable and may unknowingly be rendered useless by a single surge, leaving your home exposed. In contrast, whole-home surge protectors regulate the voltage in your appliances and electronics and are designed to prevent large surges and offer long-lasting durability. The expense of whole-house surge protection is minimal when it is compared to the replacement cost of connected equipment.

The benefits of surge protection are becoming more obvious every year. In fact, they’ve even become an essential element of the home building process as homeowners look to protect their investments. Whole-home surge protectors installed by licensed electricians could potentially save you thousands of dollars and a lot of frustration, paying off in the long run.

Serving the Eastern Ontario region, ATEL Electric can help you to protect your home and your electronics with a whole-home surge protection system.

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