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Yes! We Offer Emergency Electrician Services Throughout Eastern Ontario

When you need immediate help with an electrical emergency, ATEL Electric is just a phone call away. We’ll be there when you need us, day or night, 365 days a year throughout Eastern Ontario.

If your home or business is experiencing a power loss, we’ll get you fixed up promptly and efficiently. We’ll send a licensed electrician to your home to perform any electric repair services with a van full of the most commonly used replacement parts to avoid delays.

Electrical emergencies can occur anytime. Whether you have a blown fuse box or faulty circuit box, ATEL Electric’s reliable and capable emergency electrician services will have you up and running in no time. We guarantee you’ll get a call back within one hour, even after hours, and we’ll complete your electrical work smoothly and promptly.

Emergency situations we can help with:

If you experience one of the following electrical emergencies, you need to contact your local emergency electrician as soon as possible. When you trust ATEL Electric to deal with your electrical emergency, you’re in good hands. We will arrive at your location as soon as possible to diagnose the problem, recommend a solution, and give you a quote that is within your budget.

  • Sparking electrical outlets
  • Frequent electrical surges
  • A burning odour from outlets or appliances
  • Circuit breaker tripping frequently
  • Loss of power
  • Partial power
  • Short circuit
  • Weather-related electrical problems
  • Electrical equipment malfunction
  • All other electrical emergencies

Emergency Electrical Services Area:

  • Kemptville, Ontario
  • Morrisburg, Ontario
  • Williamsburg, Ontario
  • Embrun, Ontario
  • Brockville, Ontario
  • Greely, Ontario
  • Winchester, Ontario
  • Cornwall, Ontario
  • Manotick, Ontario
  • Russell, Ontario
  • Osgoode, Ontario
  • Metcalfe, Ontario

We are ready to serve you when you need us most. Our licensed emergency electrician services in Eastern Ontario are on standby for your residential, commercial or industrial electrical emergency calls. Don’t hesitate to call us at any time if you are experiencing an issue related to electrical power or an electrical emergency. We offer after-hours service and guarantee to get back to you within an hour.

Signs of an Electrical Emergency

  • Your neighbours have power, but you do not
  • A specific appliance, fixture or outlet is having recurring issues
  • Your breaker box is making a humming or continuous buzzing sound
  • You can smell something like burning plastic or acid- Call us quick!
  • Your outlets spark or there are black or brown marks around them

If you can see or smell signs of burning, sparking or smouldering, don’t take the risk. Call an electrical contractor such as ATEL Electric right away.

Yes, these are electrical emergencies, however, our licensed emergency electricians can easily fix these issues. If you are experiencing any of the above signs of an electrical emergency, call ATEL Electric right away, at any time of day or night. Your safety is our number one priority.

If you need an emergency electrician in Eastern Ontario, don’t panic; ATEL Electric is only a phone call away. With ATEL Electric, you won’t be left in the dark!

Emergency Generator Systems

When the power goes out, it can be frustrating and, in some instances, even dangerous. With an emergency generator, you can turn the power back on at will, making you much more comfortable and safer.

Especially important during the winter months, an emergency generator can be a gamechanger when the power goes out. Starting automatically within seconds of a power failure, our emergency generators can help to avoid pipes freezing (and subsequent water damage), while keeping things like your fridge, freezer, furnace and sump pump running reliably.

ATEL Electric offers a variety of generators meeting different power supply requirements. Our experienced electricians can also help you to calculate the ideal size of generator for your needs. Choose a model with enough power to keep the important thing like your furnace and sump pump working, opt for a full home supply that keeps every circuit powered, or something in between. Unlike portable models from the hardware store, there’s no gas to pour, no lugging the generator out of the garage and running extension cords, no crazy kickstarting process and a lot less noise. Once power has been restored, your generator will automatically revert to standby mode. With one of our emergency generators, you can enjoy the peace of mind and comfort of uninterrupted power.