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Outdoor Electrical Services in the Eastern Ontario Region

ATEL Electric offers lighting and electrical services for your home’s outdoor living space. Perhaps you’re looking to improve visibility and safety. Maybe you’re embarking on an ambitious outdoor oasis. Whatever your plans, you’ll want an experienced and skilled licensed electrician to handle your outdoor electrical needs.

Some of the Outdoor Electrical Services we offer are:

Exterior Residential Lighting. Poor lighting can diminish the appearance of even the most well-maintained property. Making improvements to your exterior lighting can greatly improve the visual appeal of your home. Whether you’re creating beautiful outdoor lighting to highlight specific areas or adding light to your deck and yard for enjoyable outdoor dining and parties, we can create a warm and welcoming atmosphere by illuminating your outdoor space. We will help you to create ambiance with landscape lighting that showcases your garden, hedges or yard and improve safety & protection with automatic yard lighting. We also help clients improve the appeal of their properties with garden lights, roof lights, fountain lights, gate lights and upgraded outdoor security and safety lighting.

Pools & Spas. We will also aid in the planning of your pool or spa installation, factoring in the electricity required to run it all safely. We can even heat your pool so that you can enjoy swimming longer into the season. ATEL Electric is well known for providing safe, efficient, and professional pool and spa electrical hookups to properties throughout Eastern Ontario. We guarantee that all your outdoor wiring work is completed in the safest manner possible. Our team of licensed electricians will do our part to get the project completed on time and within budget so that you can start having fun as soon as possible.

Underwater Lighting. Add elegance to your yard and make it safer with underwater lighting. Illuminating your pool, pond or other body of water will add a special touch to evening swims and really make your outdoor living space stand out.

Car Charger Installations. While most electric vehicles can now be charged off a standard household outlet and an extension cord, this method can be painfully slow and outdoor extension cords are not recommended. ATEL Electric can install a safe, convenient and affordable electric car home charging station in your garage or elsewhere on your property.

Driveway Lighting & Heating. An illuminated driveway serves several purposes- improving safety, making it easier for guests to identify their turn-off from the road and providing a warm welcome upon arrivals. Driveway lighting can be installed at ground level or on pillars and can work on a timer or be motion activated. ATEL Electric can also help you eliminate shovelling and salting from your life with electric snow melting systems. Providing safe walking and driving surfaces, we offer outdoor surface heating solutions for both new construction projects and existing outdoor surfaces.

Outdoor Electrical Weatherproofing. It is important to ensure that your outdoor lighting can withstand Eastern Ontario’s weather. Each of our four seasons bring their own electrical weatherproofing considerations that a licensed electrician can account for. ATEL Electric can guide you through this process by building these considerations into the installation process or we can come out and make sure your existing outdoor lighting and wiring systems are ready for the challenges of Canadian weather.

Outdoor Wall Lighting with Automated Light Sensors. Emphasizing ambiance and reflecting off the wall’s surface, these fully automated outdoor lights, are typically lit via motion sensors, eliminating the need to remember to turn the light off or on as desired. These motion activated outdoor wall lights also serve as a security device, alerting you to activity outside your home.

Other Outdoor Wiring Services. Ideal for chilly Eastern Ontario residences, ATEL Electric can transform cold outdoor areas into inviting and comfortable spaces with low-cost, energy-efficient solutions. Now you can enjoy your patio and gazebo, even during the cooler months.

Why ATEL Electric is a great choice for all your Outdoor Electrical needs

When you’re looking to add that finishing touch to your yard and outdoor living space, call ATEL Electric for all your outdoor electrical needs. The most reliable and trusted exterior lighting experts in Eastern Ontario, we provide a wide range of installation, repair and maintenance services for your outdoor wiring projects. You can rely on our experienced team for outdoor lighting installation, repairs and troubleshooting.

  • Our work is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • We guarantee our work for a full two years.
  • You’ll approve the cost before we start the work so that there are no surprises.
  • Convenient payment options are available.
  • Accredited with OEL and ESA.
  • No other contractor offers this much peace of mind.

Trust ATEL Electric for all your electrical work!

For two generations we’ve been providing the best in electrical services including electrical maintenance and repairs to our friends and neighbours throughout Eastern Ontario. Whether you live in Kemptville, Morrisburg, Williamsburg, Embrun, Brockville, Greely, Winchester, Cornwall, Manotick, Russell, Osgoode or Metcalfe, Ontario; when you need electrical repairs at your Eastern Ontario home or business, you’re in good hands with ATEL Electric.

When you need outdoor electrical services, ATEL Electric should be your first call.