Why Your Business Needs a Back-Up Generator

As a business owner, planning for any disasters that could disrupt your operations is essential. Prolonged power outages can cause significant problems for businesses, especially those in Eastern Ontario, where winter storms can be common occurrences. To help prepare for these scenarios, it is essential to have backup plans such as emergency generators or battery-powered lights and computers. Investing in disaster preparedness will help protect your business from unexpected disruptions.

Businesses require more power than a portable generator can provide. Portable generators are limited to 15 kilowatts and 240 volts and can only be used as brief backups in non-critical situations. For the best backup electrical system, an installed generator is recommended. Installed backup generators come with transfer switches that detect a power loss, start up automatically, and shift a specified load onto the generator. These higher power levels and longer run times make automatic backup generators the better choice for businesses.

The lack of electrical power can be detrimental and have major consequences for businesses. Without a backup generator in place, companies can face having to shut their doors and suffer losses due to missed income and incurred fixed costs like rent. Generator installation helps reduce the potential for business interruption by providing a constant source of power. Investing in generator installation is beneficial as it prevents disruption in business operations that can cost a company time and money.

Power loss can be disastrous for businesses that rely on perishable goods or electronic data. A generator can help to prevent a potentially huge financial loss and keep business running smoothly in the event of an unexpected power outage. Data backup plans are essential for any business but having a reliable backup power source is just as important. With a generator, businesses have peace of mind knowing their livelihoods are protected from potential losses due to electricity outages.

Installing a generator at your business can save you money in the long run. Not only will it help to prevent costly insurance claims by keeping your business running during power outages, but it may even earn you discounts on business interruption insurance premiums. Talk to your insurance provider to find out how installing a generator can benefit your business financially.

Having reliable and uninterrupted service during times of emergency is a huge benefit for any business. When customers know they can count on you to be there during an outage, they will feel greater loyalty and appreciation toward your company. For businesses like insurance agencies, general retailers, grocers and convenience stores that provide essential services in these kinds of scenarios, having a permanent generator is especially important. This ensures that you are able to step up and provide your community with the resources it needs, making your business even more valuable in the eyes of those who depend on it.

Eastern Ontario gets more than its fair share of winter weather. All it takes is a snow-laden tree branch to take out power to an entire community. We’ve all seen things like a car accident or windstorm cause thousands of area residents to lose power. Generator installation by a qualified electrical contractor is one of the smartest investments businesses in the region can make.

When searching for an electrical contractor, Eastern Ontario residents and businesses should rely on word-of-mouth recommendations and in-person meetings with contractors to compare services and prices for backup generator installation. Atel Electric understands the challenges of business disaster preparedness and is ready to help your business face these possibilities with the installation of backup generators designed to suit your individual business needs. Reach out to Atel Electric today for all your generator needs.