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18 03, 2023

Rental Property Upgrades That Pay Off


Being a landlord comes with many risks—things like skyrocketing mortgage rates and late rent payments mean these risks are not for the faint of heart.  Fortunately, you can make a few upgrades to your rental property that will pay off [...]

Rental Property Upgrades That Pay Off2023-03-18T00:54:44-04:00
23 02, 2023

Does My House Need Regular Electrical Maintenance?


Your household electrical system is a fundamental part of keeping your home functioning. However, many don’t take the necessary precautions until a problem occurs. As you would regularly have your HVAC system serviced, preventive maintenance for your electrical equipment is [...]

Does My House Need Regular Electrical Maintenance?2023-02-24T19:50:49-05:00
28 01, 2023

Back-Up Generator


Why Your Business Needs a Back-Up Generator As a business owner, planning for any disasters that could disrupt your operations is essential. Prolonged power outages can cause significant problems for businesses, especially those in Eastern Ontario, where winter storms can [...]

Back-Up Generator2023-01-28T22:16:20-05:00
28 12, 2022

Electrify Your Home by Getting an EV Charger Installed


Electrify Your Home by Getting an EV Charger Installed Electric vehicles are becoming more commonplace with each passing year. After all, with the gas price these days, who could blame someone for switching to an EV? Once you have an [...]

Electrify Your Home by Getting an EV Charger Installed2023-01-28T22:09:47-05:00
27 11, 2022

Electrical Panel Upgrades


If you live in an older home, you may not know when the electrical panel was last upgraded. In general, your insurance company is happy as long as it’s not knob & tube or 60-amp service. However, basic 100-amp service [...]

Electrical Panel Upgrades2023-01-28T22:08:03-05:00